It is always our highest priority at RDX Sports to provide maximum satisfaction for customers who choose to buy genuine RDX products.

To guarantee the authenticity of RDX Sports products, it is our policy to sell all our products in genuine printed boxes that bear our RDX Corporate identity. Furthermore we have decided to equip our genuine packaging with "authenticity seals" (Certificate of Authenticity - COA).

By entering the provided label ID, the security code and inspecting the seal, our partners and consumers can check the product authenticity at any time on the RDX Sports product authenticity platform.

Therefore, please make sure that you only use genuine RDX products that carry the authenticity seal (Certificate of Authenticity - COA).

To ensure the authenticity of your RDX Sports Product, please enter the label ID as well as the security code as indicated on the packaging sticker

  1. Avoid Fake or Replica products
  2. Ensure your purchase is an Authentic
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